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Yukon Solitaire 2 Suit (Easy)

This spider solitaire card game is actually a home-made variation of Yukon Solitaire that uses only 2 suits, instead of 4. Having only two suits, you have 2 separate foundations to play with for each active suit--making the game a whole lot easier for beginners.

Now, before you ride your high horse all up-and-down the spider solitaire kingdom, you must first acknowledge that the card game Yukon Solitaire is a pretty difficult one--as it combines aspects of both spider solitaire and klondike (or "traditional" solitaire). Thus, starting out with 2 suits, instead of four, is a pretty slick move for yukon solitaire beginners!

Just like in four-suit Yukon Solitaire, the object of the game is to get all 52 cards into the four foundations on the right--by either double-clicking them, or dragging onto them cards in ascending order. Start with an Ace of either the Spades or Hearts suits, then add a 2, then a 3, etc...all the way up to a King.

Easy New Spider Solitaire

  • Combines Spider Solitaire with Klondike Solitaire (or "traditional solitaire")
  • Get all 52 cards into the foundations on the right--start with Ace, and work your way up!
  • You can double click cards to put them into the foundations.
  • 2 suits (instead of 4) makes this easier for beginners!

Spider Solitaire - 2 Suit Yukon Solitaire

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