New Card Game: 2 Suit Spider Solitaire!

January 19th, 2010

It's exactly what you've been waiting for! Card Game Spider has finally released its most popular version of the card game spider solitaire, yet.

Introducing 2 suit spider solitaire--very similar to 1 suit spider solitaire, but with twice the fun. Now, you'll have to worry about both spades and hearts. Do everything you can to build your stacks of cards (king through ace) using the same suit--because, as soon as you place a card of a different suit on top, you will no longer be able to move all the cards above it.

But, fear not! We've added some spicey new features to this spider solitaire card game to make it more fun. Whenever a card (or a stack of cards) goes inactive on the table, it is grayed out to visually inform you of this. Unlike other spider solitaire card games, this saves your eyes the strain of nit-picking unnecessary details, making it more fun for you and your vision!

So, go ahead, let the fun begin! Tell all your friends about our fabulous 2-suited spider solitaire card game--you won't regret it


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