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Wasp Spider Solitaire 4 Suit

Let's hope you're not allergic to flying insects, cuz this one is sure to cause a reaction!

This 4 suited spider solitaire is the hardest version on the site. Played with 4 suits, you're going to have to stack / recombine cards of various colors on top of one another to wind up reaching your objective: build 4 stacks of cards, from king-to-ace. As each stack is built, it will disappear from the board--giving you more room to move your cards around--so, it's vital to get this done ASAP.

Once again, the best way to play the card game Wasp Solitaire is to first create an "open" space (look for a top card that can be placed onto another card in the game), then use this space to wiggle the other cards around.

Spider Solitaire Stings

  • hardest version of wasp solitaire on this spider solitaire card games site
  • beat this and brag to all your friends--your high score is automatically saved!
  • 4 suits and 52 cards

Spider Solitaire - 4 Suit Wasp Solitaire

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