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2 Suited Wasp Spider Solitaire

It's time to release the hive! New 2 suited Wasp Solitaire is just the spider solitaire card game you've been waiting for...

Wasp Solitaire is a card game similar to Spider Solitaire, but much more difficult. This version, having 2 suits, in no exception, and it much more difficult than the traditional 1-suited wasp solitaire.

Unlike Spider Solitaire, however, there is no penalty for creating stacks of cards using multiple suits. If, for example, you put a 3 of clubs on top of a 4 of diamonds, you can still move the 4. Use this to your're gunne need it!

Fun Spider Solitaire Games

  • goal: create stacks of cards from king-to-ace
  • try creating an open space on the board to move around your cards
  • don't be afraid to stack cards of different colors--unlike the card game spider solitaire, there's no penalty!

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